Mobile ML Weekly Newsletter vol. 4

“Behind the Magic: How we built the ARKit Sudoku Solver.” An excellent look into how Brad Dwyer, founder of Hatchlings, made a Core ML model to solve Sudoku’s from from camera images in real time. Link

Apple releases the code for coremltools on GitHub. Link

Zalando Research releases Fashion-MNIST dataset. The dataset contains 70,000 labeled images of various articles fo clothing. The perfect dataset for training a model to be deployed in a fashion app. Link

Development on popular Deep Learning framework, Theano, will cease following it’s 1.0 release. Theano is the first of the major DL frameworks to fall in the wake of consolidation around competitors like TensorFlow. Link

“Smart Gesture Recognition in iOS 11 with Core ML and TensorFlow” Link

Computer vision startup Vize releases a Core ML model builder tool. Link

Google’s New Camera “Clips” Uses AI To Automatically Get Great Shots. “Google says it wanted to automate the process of both capturing and selecting great images….So it evaluates those photos on the device as they happen to determine what to save to memory.” Link

“Introducing NNVM Compiler: A New Open End-to-End Compiler for AI Frameworks” Amazon teams up with UW research team to create a new compiler for AI frameworks. Results show >10x performance boosts evaluating models on low power devices like the Raspberry Pi. Link

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