Mobile ML Weekly Newsletter vol. 3

Prisma Labs, maker of the Prisma app letting users add AI driven artistic filters to photos, has announced it will license its technology to businesses through an SDK. Link

A guide to hotswapping Core ML models on the iPhone. Link

TensorFlow 1.3.0 released. Adds high level functions for DNN estimators. Mobilenet support was also added to TensorFlow for Poets training script. Link

Box partners with Google to add automatic image recognition to customers. Currently everything is still run through Google Cloud, though the companies dedicated camera app is a prime candidate for edge computing. Link

Google acquired AIMatter, a startup making neural-network based models for photo and video editing on mobile devices. Link

Former Google and Baidu executive Andrew Ng is raising a $150M AI fund to complement is Deep Learning courses. Link

Gartner report on megatrends in tech driving digital business. AI featured prominently, of course. Link

“Stop just assuming you have a full lifetime to do whatever it is you dream of doing.” Unrelated to Mobile ML, but Scott Riddle provides motivation and perspective after being diagnosed with cancer at 35. We wish him and his family the best. Link

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